Giving Thanks For The Colossal Thickness Of Keyara Stone [Photos]

Keyara Stone has the kind of body that makes you want to hit the ground and immediately give thanks while turning heads from the front to back. Our latest Bangin Candy burst onto the scene in 2015 and while she’s a little light on pictorials, we expect that to change in the very near future due to her, ahem, “gifts.”

Ms. Stone is a Chicago native and current Atlanta resident making her way through the crowded model marketplace. How she stands out, however, is by way of a body that doesn’t seem to quit and the physical awareness to know she’s holding something powerful in her curves.

While there isn’t much info out there about Stone, she certainly has drawn interest to the tune of 465,000 followers on her Instagram page.

Check out our latest Bangin Candy, Keyara Stone, below and on the following pages.

Instagram Photo

keyara-stone-bangin-candy-11 keyara-stone-bangin-candy-12 keyara-stone-bangin-candy-13

Photo: Instagram

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