Sunday, October 18, 2015

Who is the Best Rapper Alive? Hakeem Lyon!?

Who is the Best Rapper Alive?
At a time when rappers no longer seem to care about who is better than who, the throne is up for grabs. It's Hakeem's turn.

Hakeem from Empire was created as opposed to actually having to work his way up the ranks.  Today's most popular rappers no longer seem to be concerned with who is the best rapper alive. Lil Wayne was one of the last of an expiring breed of rappers "who only rap about" being better than each other.

You now have to get your entertaining battle rap from the Empire TV show.  Hakeem from Empire provides everything you need.

Best Rapper Alive Hakeem from Empire
Best Rapper Alive Hakeem from Empire

Hakeem shares numerous similarities to some of the most popular rappers:
  • Timbaland. Jay-Z showed us how powerful Timbaland's work is and Hakeem is showing us the same.  
  • Swag. One thing that is common between the best rappers today is the fact that they carry themselves with a limitless amount of confidence.
  • The boy got bars. Although we are 100% certain that he doesn't write his rhymes, Hakeem's bars are on point: 
    • "When I'm in your presence you can feel the power, even if the company was built from powder."
    • "If you wanna get it papi I can be in the team, 34 in a rocket cuz Hakeem's the Dream."
If not Hakeem, who is the best rapper alive? Lil' Wayne's battle with Baby and Cash Money take him off the current radar.  Kendrick truly does not seem to care enough while traditional answers like Jay-Z no longer make sense.

Two of the best rappers today, Drake and Meek Mill, recently had a battle that proves neither can be taken too serious since neither dropped a 'Hit Em' Up' nor 'Ether' type record.  No matter how much you enjoyed Drake's tracks directed towards Meek, they failed to let Meek's crew know to truly fear OVO, like Hit Em Up protected Death Row.  


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