Friday, July 31, 2015

Meek Mill Drake Diss - Wanna Know: The Art of the Jab and the Perfect Situation for Nicki Minaj

Meek Mill Drake Rap Battle
Meek Mill Drake Rap Battle

Art of the Jab
This is not taking sides on the Drake/Meek Mill beef yet everyone that is jumping to the conclusion that Meek's Wanna Know track was lame must consider the art of the jab.

Those of us that grew up on Iron Mike Tyson know that you cannot go for the knockout from the jump instead you jab on your Money Mayweather.  You carefully study your opponents every move and then decide the approach that you should implement in order to lead yourself to victory.

While nothing is more epic than a first round knockout, smart competitors know that timing is the key as there are enough rounds for you to show your talent in order to prevail.  Patience is vital.

We are all fully aware of how much Drizzy wanted Nicki at one point therefore she could hold a substantial amount of power in this battle.  The question is how much will she be willing to allow Meek to use?

Nicki is a West Indian that grew up in New York.  The type of guys that she is used to embrace her and they are not like Drake.  Drake is a me-first type of dude who has benefitted from not growing up facing some of the harsh realities of the streets.  While there is nothing wrong with that for you and I, the opposite may be true for Nicki Minaj.

While The 6 has numerous areas that have ensured that Drake will not back down to any beef and Philly has blocks that raised Meek to stand strong, it is New York that we have to focus on to see just how far this beef will go and where it most likely originated.

There was no place like New York City during the nation's war on drugs.  These are the same unapologetic street that raised Ms. Minaj.  Despite their falling out, Charlamagne told yall that Nicki Minaj was the King of New York.

The Queen B
There's a point in the strategic artist's career when they fully understand the power of always being the trending topic.  The rapper has their Kim Kardashian moment of enlightenment where they promise their self that they will not give any artist a moment to steal their spotlight.

Now that Kanye is busy making babies he has stopped yet he provided the best example of this prior to North West.  Amber Rose is another celebrity that fully understands the power of social media and constantly being in the spotlight.

This beef will soon prove to be Nicki's opportunity to divide and conquer.  She has lined up two of the hottest rappers in the game that both adore her.  She will drop her diss record and continue her dominance of the rap industry.

The Drake fans that would not give Nicki Minaj any attention will be forced to tune in.  Further, the Meek Mill fans that have been ignoring Nicki will likewise be forced to listen to whatever she has to say.

Nicki Minaj is setting the perfect stage for her takeover.


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